Friday, June 02, 2006

Do Yoga Teachers Have To Be Veg?

Question For Savvy Vegetarian:

I am going veggie, because I am going to become a yoga teacher. Part of the yogic lifestyle is vegetarianism.

When I eat a vegetarian meal, I am not usually satisfied. I feel like I'm eating side dishes with no entree. I try to include protein like cheese and nuts in my meals, but I'm still left unsatisfied. Any suggestions?

P.S. Going veggie is especially difficult for me because I'm pickey. I don't usually like vegetables after they've been cooked or heated. Can I live on cold salad? - M.P.

Savvy Veg Advice:

Dear M.P.,

It doesn't sound like you really want to go veg, M., but more that you think you should go veg, which isn't the best reason. I know many people who practice yoga and aren't complete vegetarians. Since you practice yoga, you should know that forcing your body to do something doesn't work.

If your conscience is stronger than your inclinations, then give yourself lots of time to make the transition - years maybe - while you explore all the veggie food possibilities and find a diet that works for you. You can live on cold salad if you want, but you don't have to! There's such a huge variety of delicious things to eat in a vegetarian diet.

All the best,
Judy Kingsbury
Savvy Vegetarian

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