Sunday, May 14, 2006

Family Makes Fun Of Veggie Lifestyle

Question For Savvy Vegetarian:

I need lots of help returning to a vegetarian lifestyle. My family makes fun of me, and I am lacking time to make elaborate meals. - L.M.

Savvy Veg Advice:

Dear L.M.,

You don't give your age, circumstances, or what your family situation is, although they sound like a typical family. Hardest on those they love! Try not to let them push your buttons - if there's no response, it's not nearly as much fun to make fun.

And it isn't necessary to make elaborate meals, or to go veg again overnight. Take it easy. If you're cooking for non-vegetarians, make one dish that you can eat, and/or add to - cheese, beans, nuts, tofu, tempeh, etc. Go for one dish meals, and set aside a portion without meat for yourself. If you make a veg stew or soup, grains, or beans, make extra and freeze serving size portions for yourself. Keep a few instant meals around for when you're pressed for time.

Check out Savvy Veg for recipes that are simple and easy to make, or get a cookbook like Nava Atlas's Five Ingredient Gourmet.

Thank you for subscribing to SV Updates. I've attached the SV Social Report as a Word document. I've also included the veg-nonveg report, thinking that it might be helpful to you.

All the best,
Judy Kingsbury,
Savvy Vegetarian

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